Motorcycle Parts: A Guide to Checking Your Motorbike Before Riding

Motorcycle riding is a fun and efficient experience, but safety should always be the top priority. Checking the condition of your vehicle before riding is a critical step to ensure a safe and trouble-free journey. In this guide, we will discuss in detail some of the key parts you should check before embarking on a journey with your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Parts: Tires

First, Tires are an important motorcycle parts element that affects the traction and stability of the vehicle. Make sure the air pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and check the tires for wear and physical damage. Replace worn or damaged tires to avoid the risk of accidents.

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Braking System

Checking the braking system on a vehicle is an important step in ensuring safety and optimal performance while driving. A good braking system plays a crucial role in stopping the vehicle effectively and in a timely manner, avoiding potential accidents. The check involves a number of elements, including checking the pressure and wear on the brake pads, checking the thickness and condition of the brake discs, and ensuring there are no leaks in the hydraulic system. These regular checks are necessary as braking components can wear over time or be exposed to extreme road conditions.

Light and Electrical Systems

These motorcycle parts need to be considered when you ride at night. Ensure that all lights and indicators are working properly. Check the battery charging system and ensure that the battery is in good condition. A low battery can cause starting problems and may interfere with motorcycle operation.

Fuel System

Make sure the fuel tank is sufficient for the journey. Clean or replace the air filter regularly to maintain engine performance. Also make sure there are no leaks in the fuel system and don’t forget to make sure you have the right fuel for your engine, this is one of the most important motorcycle parts to make sure of.


Suspension checks on vehicles, such as motorcycles, are a must as they play an important role in ensuring comfort, stability, and safety while driving. A good suspension not only provides a more comfortable riding experience by absorbing shocks and vibrations, but also ensures vehicle stability when crossing uneven roads. An efficient suspension helps keep the wheels in contact with the road surface, increasing the rider’s control over the vehicle. Regular suspension checks are necessary to detect potential problems such as leaks in the per, loose, or wear of suspension components. By ensuring the suspension is in optimal condition. Drivers can experience tangible benefits in ride comfort, improved vehicle stability, and in turn, strengthened safety during travel.

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Lubricants and Engine Oil

The next motorcycle parts is the engine oil level and condition. Change the oil according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Also make sure the lubrication system is functioning properly. Over time, engine oil can degrade and lose its lubricating ability due to exposure to high heat and pressure. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the level and condition of the engine oil, and change it according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Regular engine oil checks help ensure that the engine continues to operate efficiently. Prevent damage that can arise from excessive friction, and extend the life of the vehicle.

Transmission System

In vehicles including motorcycles, it is still important because the transmission is a crucial component that affects driving performance and safety. Although motorcycles do not have manual clutches that must be checked regularly, there are still some elements in the transmission system that need attention. Therefore, checking the transmission fluid is an important step. 

A clean and properly leveled fluid ensures that the transmission works properly and prevents excessive friction that can damage internal components. Checks also include monitoring gearshift behavior and throttle response while driving. Ensuring the transmission operates without a hitch and identifying signs such as friction symptoms or rough shifting can help prevent more serious damage. By performing regular checks on the transmission system. Drivers can ensure that the performance of the motorcycles remains optimal and extend the overall life of the vehicle.

Electrical and Ignition

Check the ignition system and make sure the spark plugs are functioning properly. Replace the spark plug according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Also check the condition of the electrical cables to avoid short circuit or leakage of electric current.

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Motorcycle parts: Standard and Seat

Please confirm that the side standards are in good working order and can support the bike stably. Check the seat to ensure comfort while riding. These motorcycle parts may not get much attention, but it is important to know that a comfortable and correct riding position can help and ensure you are safe due to proper posture.

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Checking Motorcycle Parts: This is Very Important Before Riding

Before you hit the road, make sure to look into these things. It’ll up your safety riding tips in Bali. Cut down on the chances of running into any technical issues during your ride. 
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