HONDA ADV New 2022-2024 160CC


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The Honda X-ADV is a scooter that’s both city-friendly and adventure-ready. It combines a tough look with a strong engine and automatic transmission for easy riding. Its sturdy frame and bouncy suspension can handle city streets and some off-road trails. With storage space, modern tech, and a comfy sitting position, it’s a cool choice for urban exploring and light adventures.

The design of the Honda ADV 160 cc immediately says dynamic. Angular lines and robust framing on the scooter give an overall rugged touch to its design. The outbound call did not succeed because the minimum number of words required was 30. Please provide a longer paragraph to proceed. But this is not all about aesthetics; it enhances the aerodynamics of the scooter for better performance.

Talking about performance, the Honda ADV 160 cc is powered by a very potent engine to gives out great output. With a displacement of 160 cc, it is perfectly balanced between power and fuel efficiency if you want to rent motorbike in Bali. This enables its suspension system and durable tires to tackle rough terrains and city streets with ease.

Technical Spesification Honda ADV New 2022-2024 160cc

Year of release: 2022
Dry weight: 132 kg
Trunk volume: 30 iters
Power: 15.8 hp
Fuel tank volume: 8 liters
Average consumption: 26 km/liter

Features and Advantages

Full Insurance On the Bike
1 or 2 Helmets
Surf Racks (Per Request)
Extensive Quality Check
Free Delivery and Collection
24/7 Road Side Assistance
Mobile Phone Holder (per request)
Advantages : Adventure-inspired design, Versatile Performance, Comfortable Ride

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