The Vario 125 New: Look Closer at the Technology Inside

As a motorcycle enthusiast who wants to always be at the forefront of innovation, you must be curious about what makes this latest variant so special. From the updated design to the latest technology implemented, let’s explore together the features that make the Vario 125 New a top choice for riders. Who prioritize the quality and comfort of the motorbike new in Indonesia.

Fuel Efficiency Vario 125 New

One of the advantages that makes the Vario 125 New so desirable is its combination of outstanding fuel efficiency and robust engine power. With an average Vario 125 fuel consumption of 51.7 kilometers per liter. This motorbike in Bali New offers the perfect balance between impressive performance and fuel economy. No wonder, riders can now enjoy long trips without worrying about running out of fuel in the middle of the road. Behind every acceleration, there is an undeniable sense of engine power. Providing a satisfying riding experience on every journey with a new model Honda Vario 125cc.

USB Charge in Console Box Vario New Model

An interesting feature offered by this motorbike is the presence of a USB charger located in the console box. With this feature, riders no longer need to worry about running out of power on their electronic devices while on the move. Now, you can easily recharge your smartphone or other devices practically and efficiently right from your seat. This innovative move takes into account the modern needs of the always-connected rider. Making the Vario 125 New a vehicle and a reliable partner on every journey.

Honda Smart Key System On Vario 125 New

On this motorbike, especially on the ISS type, the Honda Smart Key System is present. This smart system provides tremendous convenience for riders. No more bothering to look for the physical key every time you want to start or stop the motorcycle. With this advanced technology, simply bring your smart key along, and the bike will recognize its presence automatically. This not only speeds up the start-up process but also enhances security with better anti-theft features. The Honda Smart Key System on the New Vario 125 is a significant step forward in riding comfort and safety on Vario 125 new.

Wider Tires on Vario New Model

One of the striking innovations on the Vario 125 New is the use of new wider tires. This decision to increase the tire width is not just aesthetic but also has major benefits in driving performance and safety. With wider tires, the Vario 125 New offers better stability when maneuvering on the road, especially in wet or slippery road conditions. The wider tread also increases traction, improves handling, and reduces the risk of slipping. In addition, wider tires tend to provide riders with a more comfortable driving experience by better absorbing shocks from uneven road surfaces. Thus, the use of the new wider tires on the Vario 125 New not only improves performance. But also, brings a higher level of safety and comfort to riders Vario’s new model.

Digital Panel Meter New Vario

One of the striking modern features of the New Vario 125 is the use of a full digital panel meter. With the adoption of this technology, riders are not only presented with a more futuristic look but also gain significant functional advantages. The digital panel meter presents information in a clearer and easier-to-read manner, ranging from speed, and fuel level, to mileage. In addition, the ability to display more detailed information, such as routine maintenance alerts and engine temperature indicators. Gives riders a better understanding of the overall condition of their vehicle. With the fully digital panel meter, the Vario 125 New brings a more modern and informative riding experience to its users.

technology of honda vario 125 new series

Image: Astra honda


As such, the Vario 125 New brings a series of significant innovations to enhance the user’s riding experience. From advanced features such as the Honda Smart Key System. In the use of wider tires, every aspect is designed to provide optimal comfort, performance, and safety. Not only that but the adoption of modern technology. Such as the fully digital panel meter also adds aesthetic value and functionality.

Through this combination, the New Vario 125 is not just a motorcycle, but also a catalyst for transformation in the world of riding, providing a better experience for every rider who prioritizes quality and innovation. Ketut Bagong Rental has several vario 125 variants from several model years. If you are interested in riding the new bike rent in Bali, please visit the scooter product for more information.

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