Rental Terms and Conditions

Every time you rent with us, either as a new renter or renewing/extending your rental terms, you will be asked to sign an agreement form containing certain forms and conditions that must be agreed upon prior to the rental period. In case you forgot or misplaced your agreement form, you can find the terms and conditions here for your reference. At Ketut Bagong Rental, we offer our worry-free guarantee to enable you to enjoy your time in Bali with #noworries.

  1. Minimum rental period of Ketut Bagong Rental Company is 8 days. We could provide vehicle for shorter period but with the price of 8 days rent.
  2. Company operational time is 08.00-18.00 (Bali time)
  3. You must make all rental payments in advance upon bike delivery.
  4. To rent a vehicle, you need to have a valid driving license with the relevant category and a passport photo.
  5. We provide free one time delivery and pick up service during our operational hours within <35Km from company office (Canggu, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Jimbaran & Denpasar area). For delivery/pick up outside the area mentioned or not within the operational hours, please consult us for the possibility.
  6. The cancellation fee is 50% from the remaining term. Cancellation policy doesn’t apply in the next cases: (a) If the cancellation is less than the minimum rental period (7 days), (b) For all monthly rentals.
  7. Ketut Bagong Rental Company provides insurance to the rented vehicle. The insurance will cover all the damages, scratches by the accident. And the insurance will not cover passenger injury, third party on the accident and personal mistake (lost helmet, lost key/document).
  8. In case of lost helmet, key/remote or document the renter should be responsible for the lost and will be charge | Key lost : US$20, | Remote lost : US$100, | Helmet lost :US$20, | Document lost : US$80
  9. Insurance cover for the stolen vehicle in condition the renter should be able show the key/remote and document. Within 24 hours and make the police report.
  10. The renter will be fully responsible (insurance not cover) to any consequence caused by letting or giving the vehicle to bedriven by other person and any damage of the vehicle. If it is driven not on the road (e.g. beach, mountain, field, jungle, etc.)
  11. Its not permitted to drive the vehicle to another island.
  12. Ketut Bagong Rental carries out support on the road for customers. This service is free of charge (within operational time). if the problem with the equipment has arisen not through the fault of the client and assistance is require during work hours.
  13. In case of the renter violate this agreement condition, Ketut Bagong Company has the right to pick up the vehicle immediately and bring to legal law that apply in Indonesia.
  14. Ketut Bagong Rental Company is not liable to the loss, injury and death sustained by the hirers riding the motor bike and car or three pillion riders and other people involved in the accident.
  15. Ketut Bagong Rental Company is not liable for failure to perform. Our obligation cause by issues beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, power failure, fire, flood, epidemic disease, war, riot and terrorism. Ketut Bagong Rental Company is not liable to any legal conduct or actions against the law of republic Indonesia.

There you have it. Please take note of the terms and conditions above. At Ketut Bagong Rental, we offer high quality vehicles with no hidden fees, no surprises, no scams, and no worries. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ketut Bagong Rental WhatsApp (+628123965111) or Telegram @Ketutbagong hotline.

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