Melukat Top Places : Balinese Spritual Cleansing

melukat: balinese spiritual cleansing

Melukat is part of the execution of Manusa Yadnya ceremony, which has the purpose to cleanse and purify the person inward and inner. Melukat comes from the word “lukat” in Kawi-Bali means cleaning and purifying. Implementing Melukat ritual is one of effort to cleanse and purify our body, mind, and soul in order to get closer to the Divine. In the self-cleansing ritual, one requires holy water, which is sourced from natural springs. Certain temples possess springs that have been deemed sacred. There are the places for melukat that is accessible to the public. Check out these for four recommended sites for spiritual cleaning in Bali that you can visit with the scooter rented from Ketut Bagong Rental. All our scooters are in great condition, ensuring that you can reach all these destinations with #noworries.

Solas Sangeh

One of the recommended places is Penglukatan Pancoran Solas at Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple. If traveling from the direction of South Bali or Denpasar city, this site is located about 400 meters before the Sangeh Monkey Forest. Turn right at the T-junction from the main road. Penglukatan Pancoran Solas is located in the village of Sangeh, Abiansemal District, Badung Regency. This place, located in the tourist attraction area of Mumbul Sangeh Park, has been around for a long time but has recently undergone renovations. Which offers beautiful and attractive nature. The Badung area’s melukat site is systematically equipped with a range of appropriate facilities. Wrapped in the beautiful and calm surrounding natural beauty so that it can become a new religious tourism destination that you should visit.

Beyond serving as a place for worship, the religious melukat ritual is also believed to neutralize malevolent forces, making it an alternative healing destination. Places such as penglukatan Pancoran Solas in Mumbul park are much sought. After by the Balinese, especially since there is a lot of evidence that these places are lucky and can provide healing for various ailments. Medical professionals occasionally fail to detect certain diseases in individuals who are afflicted by them.

Yet, these miraculous healings can occur in mystical and magical healing locations, like the renowned Penglukatan Pancoran Solas. Nowadays, this place of melukat in the Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple area is visited by many Balinese. Especially when during Hindu holidays, there are also many family groups who fill weekend holidays to this place. This site is located in the heart of Badung regency, but not too far from the bustling south side of the island. Here is the location of Pancoran Solas, which is easily accessible using the scooter you rent from Ketut Bagong Rental.

Taman Beji Samuan

Taman Beji Samuan Park is located in Tukad Penet Jemeng, Carangsari Village, Petang District, Badung Regency. The place used to be called Beji Pura Desa and Puseh. Then, a water source appeared on the banks of the Penet River called Bulakan Duen Pura Dalem Jemeng. It earns the name Saporan Rsi Pancoran because the water that emerges can only flow through seven showers. At the time the maker appeared an old man dressed in white. After the shower finished, the figure disappeared. Since that moment, Pancoran has been known as Pancoran Sapta Rsi. Taman Beji Samuan is also considered an ancient artifact associated with the local Chinese community.

This is confirmed by the existence of a Buddhist shrine in the Dalem temple and Tionghoa ethnic graves in Carangsari Village. This indicates that there has been an acculturation of local culture with Chinese culture. However still requires research from the archaeological agency.

Destination With Around Local Villagers Places

Local villagers stumbled upon this place by chance. Starting from the fall of a large tree around Beji Telaga Jantung which is located next to it. Because of this, the villagers took the initiative to work together to clean the place. While cleaning the place accidentally found the Beji Park, the beji which was once covered by shrub, is now clearly visible with a pile of solid stones. Consisting of a number of ancient statues including the Buddhist’s. Heads believed to have Chinese ethnic origins, along with dragon statues, lion statues, and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses, are all considered relics of the past, with historical significance.

Taman Benji Location

Taman Beji Samuan in Carangsari is believed to have remained hidden for generations, with no previous generation passing down any knowledge or information about its existence. It represents a new discovery that warrants further research. Of course, Beji Samuan is important. Not only for the villagers of Carangsari village but also for those people from outside the village, because a watering site such as in Beji Samuan is an important place for melukat. Now, this place is also a beautiful destination for spiritual tourism.

Taman Beji Samuan is located in a cliff and river valley, its nature is still beautiful and untouched. The charm of the surrounding nature makes your mind calm and peaceful, so it can be an ideal place to refresh. Moreover, you can do melukat under natural springs and at the same time soak in a pool. Or enjoy the fresh flow of Tukad Penet which can cleanse your spiritual and physical body. This site is located in the heart of Badung regency, just a little further north than Pancoran Solas in Sangeh. Here is the location, which is a bit off the beaten path. But still accessible using the sturdy and well-maintained scooter you rent from Ketut Bagong Rental.

Location: Carangsari, Kec. Petang, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80353

Pura Tirta Empul

In Tampaksiring, Gianyar, you can find holy springs. These springs are thought to actively purify the body of bad luck and potentially cure severe illnesses that individuals may be facing. Tirta Empul Temple is located not far from the Tampaksiring Presidential Palace. The mystical powers of this place made foreign travelers curious to prove it. When entering this sacred area. Both men and women will be given a custom cloth that is used as a sarong. There are also rules for tying hair for both men and women.

The management also provides rubber to make it easier for travelers to straighten their hair. Visitors who wish to take a dip in the spring must actively change into the provided clothing. If you want to take a shower you have to change the cloth first. For women, the cloth will be tied around the neck as well so that it looks like a shirt. Men are only used to cover the lower body.

Location: Tampaksiring, Kec. Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552

Recommended Place For Melukat

Furthermore, visitors who want to do melukat in this holy spring are encouraged to purify in sequence. There are 14 fountains, each of which is believed to bring a different kind of spritual benefit. There are those who cleanse the body and soul, find a way out of the domestic. Conflicts they are experiencing, to rid themselves of the influence of witchcraft. The water contains minerals.

If you want to take a bath here, you can’t use soap or shampoo. At the back of the shower there is a temple where the Hindu community performs prayers and religious rituals. Followers of other faiths can actively enter this temple, provided they maintain a respectful attitude towards Hindus who are engaged in worship. This site is located further inland in Bali (here). Which you won’t have to worry as the scooter you rented from Ketut Bagong Rental can take you to. And through most terrains in the island.

Pura Luhur Tamba Waras Melukat, Tabanan

melukat in tabanan

Pura Luhur Tamba Waras is located in Penebel District, which has seven pancoran (fountains) especially known as a place for healing. In the past, people performed melukat rituals at Pura Beji. Eventually, Sapta Gangga Pancoran was constructed in response to someone receiving a divine revelation. Balinese who come for melukat usually suffer from medical and non-medical ailments. For non-medical ailments such as witchcraft or black magic, the person who does this will feel nauseous when washing himself in the first shower. Apart from washing themselves, individuals must also actively consume the shower water. The source of which is in the Mount Puncak Sari area. After performing the pengelukatan, the congregation will pray at the Luhur Tamba Waras Temple with a bungkak (a type of coconut).

If the community is seriously ill, they may vomit during the prayer. Following that, the temple provides you with bungkak, along with oil and massage oil. If the pain is intense, they typically advise multiple chipping sessions. This melukat site is not for the faint-hearted. But if you want to explore the heart of Tabanan district to find something truly unique, you can find Pura Luhur Tamba Waras.

Location: Sangketan, Kec. Penebel, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82152

Melukat Conclusion

Melukat is a captivating and spiritually enriching practice that serves as a window into the soul of Bali. It embodies the island’s deep-rooted spiritual traditions, emphasizing the importance of cleansing, purification, and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the divine. To witness or participate in a Melukat ceremony is to embark on a profound journey into the heart and soul of Bali, experiencing the island’s spirituality and cultural richness in a way that few other experiences can provide.

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