Renting Motorbike in Bali: 5 Things to Know Before Renting

Being the 1st rank as the world’s most popular destination (as awarded by Tripadvisor travel platform) is not without reason: the best service is one of them. Foreigners have no worries to go even in their solo trip to Bali, because the tourism destinations and service business in Bali are ready and experienced to serve. No wonder you always miss Bali and come again and again. One of the service business in Bali you probably need is Motorbike and car rental. Here are 5 things you consider before renting the motorbike and car in Bali.

renting motorbike


You must prepare your trip from the accommodation budget, destination tickets, and consumption while in Bali. The vehicle rental budget is no less important. A price survey before preparing a budget is very important for renting motorbike in bali. But, not easy because some rental businesses do not directly provide a price list on their website and unfortunately again if you meet a rental business that changes prices at will. This will not happen if you rent a vehicle at Ketut Bagong Rental. Ketut Bagong rental charges IDR 65,000/day for motorbikes and there is no additional price for vehicle service if your motorbike or car needs assistance. Info on the price, model, and year of the vehicle is also listed on the website

The Quality of the vehicle

The quality of the vehicle can be checked from the year release of the vehicle, the newer the better. A good motorbike rental will provide the best service, one of which is by providing high quality vehicles and of course happy to inform customers. Important information conveyed is information about the year of vehicle release, type of vehicle, when it was purchased, vehicle condition, and regular vehicle service schedules. If the condition of the vehicle is good even the best in their performance, you won’t worry your motorbike or car interrupt your trip. One of recommended car and motorbike rental in Bali is Ketut Bagong Rental that located in North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Ketut Bagong rental offers the high quality vehicles as they only rent the latest makes and models. The motorbikes and cars also well-serviced and maintained because Ketut Bagong  Rental provide in-house maintenance shop.

The Insurance

Do you know the insurance is also one important things to consider before renting a vehicle? Car insurance is very important and not all rental services offer it. Maybe not all customers know about this insurance because as mentioned earlier, not all rentals insure their rental vehicles. Although it is very important to prevent things that might harm both the rental and the renter. Vehicle insurance covers abrasions, collisions, damage due to accidents or falling and due to theft. It also another reason why Ketut Bagong Rental is recommended, because they offers the vehicle insurance. Once again, you have no worries if the vehicle you rent get damage or even stolen, the insurance will cover with the condition of submitting keys, documents, and a police report letter regarding the theft of the vehicle.

Friendly staff

Who doesn’t want to get the best service from the staff? No one. As customers we will be comfortable if the rental staff is friendly and informative when offering and explaining vehicle info. Convenience is a service that must exist in a service business and Ketut Bagong Rental has it. All Ketut Bagong Rental staff are friendly while on duty, whether communicating via chat or communicating directly with customers. You will not hesitate to ask. Because they are very friendly and patient in explaining what you want to ask about the vehicle you are renting. You will be more comfortable and safe with their services because they have in-house maintenance shop. So the mechanics are ready to come to your place if there is a problem with the vehicle you rent.


Maybe this is often overlooked but it is very important to ask if the rental also provides helmets? Is there an additional fee for asking for a helmet to be provided? This is important because it is impossible to bring a helmet from your city or buy a new helmet just to wear while on vacation outside your city. Luckily, you know about Ketut Bagong Rental, they provide it. Helmets include free facilities. In addition to the high quality of vehicles, insurance, and employee friendliness that Ketut Bagong Rental offers. Do not worry about the helmet size does not fit because Ketut Bagong Rental has many helmets of various sizes, you can come and choose one at our renting motorbike in bali.

Those are 5 things you need to consider before renting a vehicle in Bali. Don’t hesitate, add Ketut Bagong Rental to your list. You can get more info on the Ketut Bagong Rental website or you can contact via WhatsApp number 08123965111.

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