Talking about Bali, the beach tourism is the first thing that comes to your mind. Each region has its own mainstay beach destination as well as in South Badung area, such as Ungasan, Pecatu, and Jimbaran. The beach in these area offer many instagrammable spot that are suitable as a place to capture your vacation moments, especially at sunset. Here are five instagrammable beach that close to Ketut Bagong Rental location. Are you curious where the places are? Let’s see the review.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang nyang

This beach be included a hidden gem that crowned by CNN International Travel as one of the best beaches in the world in 2018. The distance from Ketut Bagong Rental to Nyang Nyang Beach is about 90 minutes by two-wheeled vehicle. The access road to get there is quite difficult, because you have to walk about 30 minutes down the hill. No worries, your struggle will pay off when you see the white sandy coastline that makes this beach looks unique. There are also cliffs filled with green plants.

This beach is relatively quiet, no wonder it is called Virgin beach. The beach, which is located near Pura Luhur Uluwatu, offers views of high rolling waves and sea water gradations that look so stunning. You can engage in activities such as sunbathing, paragliding off the Bukit Peninsula, and having fun in the sand while gathering beautifully crafted seashells for use as accessories. Nyang Nyang Beach has a large rock that frequently used as an instagramable photo spot, especially at sunset. Not only that, there are shipwrecks and also a Boeing 737-200 aircraft with flight code PK-RII parked on the cliffs of Nyang Nyang Beach. No wonder many choose this beach as a place for pre-wedding photo sessions.

Location: Uluwatu Street, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan district, Badung Regency, Bali.

Hours of Operation: Daily, anastrozole 1 mg 24 hours.

Price: Entrance fee is IDR 5,000/person.

The motorbike parking ticket costs IDR 2,000 and the car park ticket is IDR 5,000.

Green bowl beach

One of the characteristics of this beach is there is a coral cave with full of bats in it. Not only that, the atmosphere is relatively quiet, because Green bowl beach is not well-known to most tourists. The name of this beach is taken from its shape that is similar to a bowl at low tide. Many green corals covered by moss surround the beach. You only need to take 10 minutes by wheeled vehicle to go there from Ketut Bagong Rental

To visit this beach, you have to go down 326 stairs first. Yet, all your weariness will dissipate as soon as your feet sink into the incredibly fine white sand and the soothing sound of the waves reaches your ears. Activities that you can do besides relaxing and exploring coral caves are surfing because the waves on the beach are quite big.

Green bowl

Location: Ungasan, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali

Hours of Operation: Daily, 24 hours.

Price: Entrance ticket for adults is IDR 5,000/person and for children free admission. The vehicle parking ticket costs IDR 5,000 for cars and IDR 2,000 for motorbikes.


Suluban beach or blue point beach is a beautiful and exotic beach. This beach is a paradise of the sunset lovers and the surfers. If you have watched Pirates of the Caribbean movie, you can see the structure is like that famous film’s background. Suluban beach is taken from Balinese “mesulub” which means ducking the head while going under something. Something refers to two high cliffs you will see that flack the road toward the sea. This beach has a cave that is beautiful and stunning.

Not only the cave will attract your attention, but also there are also coral cliffs around the beach. No wonder that many call this beach a “piece of heaven” that is hidden on the island of the Gods of Bali. Many activities you can do on this beach, such as surfing, enjoying the sunset, and taking pictures. What’s more interesting is the bias light of the sunset there making your photos even more instagrammable. Not only has instagramable photo spots, this beach also provides various facilities, such as restaurants, cafes, toilets, souvenir shops, surfboard rentals. It takes 1 hour 35 minutes from Ketut Bagong Rental to the beach.


Location: Pecatu, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Hours of Operation: Daily, 24 hours.

Price: There is no entrance fee, the motorbike parking ticket is IDR 5,000 and the car park ticket is IDR 15,000.

Padang-padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach, more famously recognized as Labuan Sait Beach, gained prominence after being selected as a filming location for Hollywood’s “Eat, Pray, Love.” From then on, tourists came to spend their time on this beach.

Local and international surfers frequently flock to this beach as it serves as a prime destination for conquering the waves. When you want to visit this beach, you need to go down some stairs. In fact, the stairs are flanked by cliffs and can only be passed by one person. Your tiredness will pay off, when you get to there and hit by the waves, then you can feel the atmosphere of this beach. The activity that you can do is taking pictures, because this beach offers instagramable photo spots with lux views.

Padang-padang Beach

In addition, you can also swim, sunbathe, and enjoy the sunset while having a fresh young coconut. Padang Padang beach is about 90 minutes from Ketut Bagong Rental.

Location: Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Hours of Operation: Daily, 24 hours.

Price: Entrance ticket for Indonesian citizens is IDR 10,000/person and foreigners are IDR 15,000/person. The price of a motorbike parking ticket is IDR 2,000/motorcycle and IDR 5,000/car for a car.

Melasti beach

This beach serves as the central location for the Hindu religious Melasti Ceremony during specific holidays. Named after the word “melasti,” which symbolizes a purification ritual frequently performed along shores, lakes, or rivers, Melasti Beach, often referred to as Dancing Beach, is approximately a 70-minute drive from Ketut Bagong Rental. To get to Melasti Beach, you have to pass through a quite difficult access. Therefore, not many tourists have visited this beach, even though this beach offers such an exotic panorama.

Melasti Beach

This beach has a sand dune that jut out into the sea, make it possible to walk there. The best moment in this beach when the evening to dusk, orange light of dusk refracts on the water of coastal. It makes this beach become a target for twilight hunters.

Melasti beach is not only offer the panoramic beauty, but you also can see the view of small waterfall. The sea view is no less exotic; the water is blue with fine white sand.

In addition, you also can snorkel to see the preserved underwater ecosystem. Take it easy, the beach provide snorkeling equipment you can rent.

To get to this beach, you will pass two limestone hills that rise high on the right and left side of the road.

In the past, the limestone hill covered the beauty of the beach before it was split in two.

Location: Ungasan, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Hours of Operation: Daily, 24 hours.

Entrance ticket: IDR 3,000 for kids; IDR 8,000 for adults;

Parking Ticket: IDR 2,000 for motorbike; IDR 5,000 for a car

What your choose instagrammable beach?

These are 5 instagrammable beach in South Badung area that you can visit, especially for you, the twilight lovers. These five beaches offer various aesthetic and instagrammable photo spots, especially at sunset. Do not forget to use your sunscreen and the best outfit of the day when visiting the beach for taking the instagrammable photo.

You can come with your partner, if you do not have a partner; coming with your family is also good. If you’re still uncertain about where to rent a motorcycle or car, choose Ketut Bagong rental – it’s the perfect option. Besides being easy to reach, this tourist lodge offers a comfortable home atmosphere with a modern style and affordable prices. You can make a reservation via the WhatsApp number 08123965111 or you can also browse for further info.

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