Explore 4 Best Spots for Surfing in Canggu

Are you an avid surfer looking for your next big wave? Look no further than surfing in Canggu. This area of Bali, Indonesia boasts some of the best waves in the world. With a variety of breaks suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced surfers.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the 4 best spots for surfing in Canggu, including tips on where to catch the best waves and where to find the coolest surf shops as well as the beach bars. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out!

Why Canggu is a Surfer’s Paradise

There are many reasons why you should try surfing in Canggu. Firstly, it has a variety of beach breaks suitable for all levels of experience. Additionally, the coastline is dotted with surf schools, surf shops, and beach bars where surfers can rent equipment, take lessons, and hang out with like-minded individuals. 

Next, the scenery is breathtaking, with miles of golden sand beaches, clear blue water, and stunning sunsets. Lastly, the weather is mostly warm and sunny all year round, making it a great destination for surfers from all over the world.

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Best Time to Surf in Canggu

The best time to surf in Canggu is during the dry season (April to October) when the wind and waves are at their best. During this time, surfers can expect consistent swells and offshore winds, making it the perfect time to catch some waves. However, if you’re an experienced surfer looking for a challenge, the wet season (November to March) can also be a great time to surf in Canggu, as the waves are often bigger and more challenging.

Now that you understand why this is a surfer’s paradise and when the best time to visit is, let’s take a look at our 4 spot recommendations for the best surfing in Canggu

1. Echo Beach

Echo Beach is one of the most popular spots for surfing in Canggu. It has gained popularity among surfers due to its consistent waves and scenic surroundings. The beach break is generally more suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers, as the waves can reach up to six feet in height.

Intermediate and advanced surfers will find the waves at Echo Beach to be challenging and exciting, providing an excellent opportunity to hone their skills and take on more thrilling rides. However, beginners might find the waves too powerful and potentially hazardous.

As with any popular surfing spot, Echo Beach can get crowded, especially during the peak season. To avoid crowds, surfers may want to consider visiting during the early mornings or during the shoulder seasons when tourist numbers are lower.

surfing at echo beach

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2. Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach is one of the best spots for surfing in Canggu. The picturesque shoreline and vibrant surfer community further enhance the allure of this beach, making it a must-visit destination for surf enthusiasts. It offers a unique experience with a beach break that is most suitable for intermediate surfers. 

The waves can be powerful and challenging, reaching heights of up to eight feet. This makes it an excellent location for experienced surfers who enjoy riding bigger waves and are looking for a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping adventure.

3. Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong is another popular spot for surfing in Canggu. It has become well-known among surfers for its accessible waves and laid-back atmosphere. The beach break at Batu Bolong is generally considered suitable for both beginners and intermediate surfers, as the waves typically reach heights of up to four feet.

Beginner surfers will find the waves at Batu Bolong to be gentle enough for learning and practicing their surfing skills, while intermediate surfers can still enjoy some fun rides and opportunities to improve their techniques.

surfing at batu bolong beach

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4. Pererenan Beach

Pererenan Beach is also a renowned spot for surfing in Canggu. This destination is well-known for its consistent waves and great surf breaks. The beach break here caters mainly to intermediate and advanced surfers, providing them with thrilling opportunities to ride the waves. It provides an intriguing challenge with moderate swells reaching heights of up to six feet.

Surfing at Pererenan Beach is a unique experience due to its less crowded and more laid-back atmosphere compared to other popular surf spots in Bali. Surfers can enjoy a sense of tranquility while catching waves and taking in the stunning coastal scenery. The volcanic black sand lining the shore adds to the beauty of the surfing environment.

Surfboard Rental Options in Canggu

Canggu has plenty of surf shops where you can rent surfboards, wetsuits, and other equipment. Some of the most popular surfing gear rentals in Canggu include Boardriders Echo Beach and Old Man’s Surf Rental. Prices for surfboard rentals vary depending on the shop and the length of time you want to rent the board for. Most shops also offer surf lessons and surf camps for beginners.

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Surfing Schools in Canggu

If you’re new to surfing or want to improve your skills, there are plenty of surf schools in Canggu that offer lessons for all levels of experience. Some of the most popular include Bali Mermaid, Canggu Surf School, and In Da Surf School. Lessons usually include equipment rental and a certified surf instructor. Prices vary depending on the school and the length of the lesson.

Where to Stay in Canggu for a Surfing Trip

Canggu has plenty of accommodation options for surfers, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxury villas. Some of the most popular surf-friendly accommodation options in Canggu include The Kima Bali, The Chillhouse, and The Kirana Hotel. These hotels are located close to the beach and offer surf packages that include surf lessons, and equipment rental.

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Let’s Ride the Wave on the Best Spots in Canggu!

Canggu is a surfer’s paradise, with a variety of breaks suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, there’s a spot for you. From the popular Echo Beach to the Pererenan, there are plenty of surf spots to explore. 

Do not worry if you are new to the world of catching waves, because you can practice at one of the many surf schools. There are also stores for you to rent a surfboard. And when you are tired after a long day of surfing in Canggu, enjoy relaxation at your chosen accommodation near the beach. So grab your board and let’s ride the wave!

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