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The Honda Vario 125 2018 is a practical scooter tailored for city commuting. It has a modern design blend, efficient engine performance, and comfortable amenities. With its manageable size, comfortable seating, and user-friendly features, the Vario 125 offers a convenient and enjoyable ride for navigating the island of Gods. The scooter features a digital instrument panel that offers clear visibility of speed, fuel level, and other important indicators, even under direct sunlight.

Safety is a paramount concern for Honda, and the Vario 125cc 2018 incorporates advanced braking systems, including the Combi Brake System (CBS), which distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels to reduce stopping distances and improve control during sudden stops bike rent in Bali.

The Honda Vario 125 2018 showcases a sleek, modern design that appeals to a wide audience. Its aerodynamic bodywork is not just about looks; it also contributes to better fuel efficiency and handling. The LED lighting system, a standard feature for these model years, provides excellent visibility and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. With various colors available vario 125, riders can choose a scooter bike rent in Bali that best fits their style while riding this motorbike in Bali Vario 2018.

Technical Specification Honda Vario 125 2018

Year of release: 2018-2019
Dry weight: 112 kg
Trunk volume: 18 liters
Power: 11 hp
Fuel tank volume: 5.5 liters
Average consumption: 25 km/liter

Feature and Advantages Vario 125

1 or 2 Helmets
Surf Racks (Per Request)
Extensive Quality Check
Free Delivery and Collection
24/7 Road Side Assistance
Mobile Phone Holder (per request)
Advantages : compact and agile


battery type or MF: 12V-5 Ah battery
Full transistorized ignition system
spark plug type: NGK CPR9EA-9 / Denso U27EPR9
LED headlights: 2.2W x 2 (low), 4.4W x 2 (high)

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