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The TVS Callisto 110cc is a modern retro-style scooter launched by TVS Motor Company, featuring advanced technology and design tailored for young consumers who value style and efficiency. It is equipped with a 124.8cc air-cooled engine that produces 8 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 10.5 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. This scooter incorporates Eco-Thrust Fuel Injection technology from TVS, enhancing fuel efficiency.

a stylish and efficient companion for city exploration. With its sleek design and nimble performance, this scooter effortlessly handles urban streets, ensuring a smooth ride every time. Combining modern aesthetics with smart features, the TVS Callisto 110cc makes commuting stylish and convenient. Upgrade your urban mobility with ease – choose the TVS Callisto for a sleek, efficient, and stylish ride through the city.

Crafted for city riders, the TVS Castillo hits the sweet spot between cozy and handy. The seat is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort, while the handlebars are ideally positioned for effortless riding. Plus, there’s plenty of room to stash your stuff, making it a solid choice for your day-to-day needs. Whether you’re weaving through traffic or hitting the highway, the TVS Castillo is dependable and exciting to ride.

The TVS Castillo 125 packs cutting-edge technology, featuring a digital dashboard that actively updates you on your riding stats. It also includes LED lights to ensure you are visible on the road, and a top-tier suspension system delivers a smooth ride across varying road conditions. Plus, its sharp braking system means you can stop on a dime, safely, making every ride a confident one scooter rental.

Technical Specification TVS Callisto 110cc Scooter Rental

Year of release: 2020
Dry weight: 109 kg
Trunk volume: 33 Liter
Power: 8 hp
Fuel tank volume: 6 liters
Average consumption: 17 km/liter

Feature and Advantages

1 or 2 Helmets
Surf Racks (Per Request)
Extensive Quality Check
Free Delivery and Collection
24/7 Road Side Assistance
Mobile Phone Holder (per request)

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