Things To Do Before Visiting Bali 2024

Bali is the most beautiful place and is known to many people throughout the world, both local and local people who have labeled Bali as the most beautiful place for visiting Bali. Foreigners also know that one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia is Bali. Apart from being the most beautiful place, Bali also has various things that are famous. Starting from the food and beautiful atmosphere, namely the beach and other tourist attractions.

So, there are things you should know before you visit Bali. What are the things we need to know? Come on, let’s discuss it together here. Check out this article, guys.

Locals gladly share knowledge about Bali

During your visit to Bali, don’t hesitate to talk to local people. Indonesia, especially Bali, is known for having some of the friendliest people in the world. Engaging with locals can enrich your travel experience immensely. They are always eager to share insights about their culture, traditions, and daily life, providing a deeper understanding of Balinese society. 

Don’t hesitate to ask about local customs, festivals, or even personal stories; you’ll find them more than happy to oblige. Additionally, Bali is home to numerous museums where knowledgeable staff can guide you through the island’s fascinating history and cultural heritage. 

From art and history museums to those showcasing traditional crafts, these institutions offer a treasure trove of information. By immersing yourself in conversations with locals and exploring these cultural hubs, your Bali visit will be both enlightening and memorable.

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Use an online transportation app when visiting Bali

In Indonesia, especially in Bali. There are well-known online transportation, namely, Grab and Gojek. By using this application. You can find it easier to get transportation when you are in Bali because by using this application, an online driver will come directly to your location to pick you up. 

No need to worry because these two applications have cheap prices for both motorbikes and cars that you can choose for transportation. Don’t forget to ask the driver with a helmet if you plan to use a motorbike for transportation. Wearing a helmet ensures your safety while traveling to your destination.

gojek online transportation in bali

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Remember to keep some cash in your wallet

When visiting Bali, remember to bring cash and convert it to the local currency, the Indonesian rupiah. Most places in Bali already make payments using debit cards, however, some places only provide cash payments. Additionally, don’t forget to obtain a local ATM card, such as BRI, BNI, BCA, or Mandiri. You can also ask local people you accompany or you can also go directly to the bank office to ask how to get an ATM card. So, don’t forget to set aside a little cash in your wallet.

prepare your cash in your wallet before visiting bali

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Bring reusable items when visiting Bali

During your time in Bali, especially when the weather is hot, don’t forget to bring reusable items like water bottles. Used bottles will be very useful for you when the weather is hot in Bali. Buying bottled water, especially at restaurants, can quickly get expensive, which is another reason why we like filtered, reusable water, like Larq and Lifestraw. It is also useful for purifying water used to clean fruit and vegetables. Additionally, try to avoid ice and use bottled water to brush your teeth.

Being Local: Eat Food, Drink, Stay, and Shopping

Visiting Bali, be sure to enjoy the local delights. Indulge in the diverse food, drinks, and shopping options. Bali offers a wide array of delicious cuisine to savor.. Start from, jinggo rice to satay which you have to try. You should also never forget about shopping. Many traditional markets sell various kinds of local things, from clothes to very beautiful local artifacts in traditional markets. These prices in traditional market are also very affordable, so you don’t need to worry about the prices in traditional markets when visiting Bali.

eat local food while you visiting bali

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Enjoy Your Holiday when visiting Bali

Those are all the things you need to know before visiting Bali. You should be aware of these important tips to fully enjoy your holiday in Bali with your family or partner, especially if you plan to drive yourself around the island. You can rent a motorbike or car at the rental place, namely, Ketut Bagong Rental. Here, you can rent motorbike and If you plan to drive yourself while visiting Bali, consider renting a car. Always adhere to Indonesia’s safety riding regulations, especially in Bali. Enjoy your holiday!

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